About us


Selling a good quality product at a low price is how it works.

Our company started in January 2014. Started a street exhibition in 2014 January and Started a street weekend shop in a marketplace at turf city in July 2014.



Company growth from leaps and bounds blossoming into a company with large demands and supply. Fullfiling market requirements


Our mission is to meet demands of the public and be able to give our best so as to satisfy our customers.


Isabella Creationz

I am a 41 year old having different dreams and visions. Experimented a lot with different types of products. Marketed myself to individuals.
Didn’t work out 3 years ago so went back to working life and forgot about my dreams. Then idea about ecommerce forced me to try again and I finally combined all my ideas and put them into 1 ecommerce site. Healthy peel is an all in 1 shopping site which let’s u personalise your fashion accessories and provides you with a little of everything. Health, skincare, haircare , fashion and aromas galore.